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News Flash (1/1/03): Steve Atkinson recently updated tksol to version 1.2 and is now the official maintainer. You can find the newest version here or here.

What is Tksol?

TkSol is a version of the card game solitaire written with the Tcl/Tk language. It requires Tcl 7.0 or above and Tk 3.3 or above. A color monitor is highly recommended, especially if you want to get addicted to the game, as trying to see which card is black and which is red under monochrome can be rather eye soring :(. TkSol comes with a set of cardfront [faceup card] bitmaps created by Joseph L. Traub (see cardbitmaps/copyright.h). An initial set of cardback [facedown card] bitmaps was hacked up by James da Silva (

For those with a wish that contains the TkPixmap patch by Sven Delmas, I have colored all the jacks, queens, and kings from Joseph Traub's card set, and resized a few GIFs that can be used as cardbacks.

Where to obtain TkSol?

The current version of TkSol, version 1.0 (2/18/94), can be obtained by anonymous ftp from

Note about TkSol

TkSol development is temporarily suspended as I waited for Tcl 7.4 and Tk 4.0 to be officially released. At that time, TkSol will be upgraded to take advantages of the various new features of Tcl7.4/Tk4.0. Until then, for optimal TkSol'ing, you will have to obtain Tk3.6 and the Pixmap patch.