HS Probjects I can Supervise Heavily or Lightly

The projects are LEARNING-DOING more than RESEARCH.

Crypto: I include slides and materials for both classical and modern crypto.

Slides and Recordings

SLIDES Shift Cipher

SLIDES Affine, Quad, Poly, Vig Ciphers

Shift, Affine, Vig Ciphers SLIDEREC

SLIDES Misc, Matrix, and Cracking Randomness

One-Time Pad and Cracking a Random Number Gen

SLIDES Math Needed for DH and RSA

Math for RSA and DH SLIDEREC



SLIDES on Low-e attack on RSA

SLIDES More RSA attacks

Classical Crypto Projects

Modern Crypto Projects

Number Theory Algorithms


SLIDES Public Key C Jevons-Golumb Alg, Pollard Alg

SLIDES Quadratic Sieve Factoring

SLIDES Deterministic Factoring

Factoring Projects

Discrete Log


WIKIPEDIA Index Calc DL Algorithm

WIKIPEDIA Pollig-Hellman DL Algorithm

Discrete Log Projects

Machine Learning

website on Reinforcement Learning

ML for Ramsey Games and Other Games (For Ramsey theory see section below on Ramsey Theory)

Resources on Reinformement Learning

ML for Ramey Games Projects

Small Ramsey Number SLIDEREC

Basic ML Lecture SLIDEREC

Small Ramsey Numbrs SLIDES

The Square Theorem SLIDEREC


ML and Crypto

ML for Crypto Projects

Cracking Easy Ciphers with ML

Ramsey Theory

NOTES Ramsey Theory

NOTES More Ramsey Theory

SLIDES Small Ramsey Numbers

PAPER Small Ramsey Numbers

SLIDES Lower Bounds on Ramsey Numbers and the Prob Method

SLIDES Two Triangles

PAPER Rectangle Free Colorings of Grids

TALK Square Theorem

TALK VDW Theorem

SLIDES Rado's Theorem

Ramsey Theory Projects


WEBSITE on Muffin Problem

Muffin Projects

Dominon End Games

Dominion Projects

Some Small Projects

Small Projects