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A WebPage of papers on SANE bounds for Vann Der Waerden-Type Numbers

by William Gasarch

(For now this is just papers that I want to gather in one place.)

  1. Rectangle Free Colorings of Grids[2] by Stephen Fenner, William Gasarch, Charles Glover, and Semmy Purewal. GRID.PDF.

  2. Better bounds on the Rado Numbers[5] By William Gasarch, and Russell Moriarty. RADOBOUNDS.PDF

  3. Sane bounds on van der Waerden type numbers [4] by William Gasarch and Nils Molina and Anand Oza and Rohan Puttagunta [4] GENERALSANE.PDF

  4. Square-Difference-Free Sets of Size $\Omega(n^{0.7334\cdots})$ [1] by Richard Beigel and William Gasarch. SQFREE.PDF

  5. Sane Bounds on Some Polynomial van der Waerden Numbers[3] by William Gasarch, Clyde P. Kruskal, and Justin D. Kruskal. SANEPOLY.PDF

William Gasarch 2011-04-12