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The two most satirized musicians in the world are THE BEATLES and ELVIS. WHO IS THIRD? I conjecture its BOB DYLAN! However this is NOT at all clear and I URGE someone to look for other contenders (The Rolling Stones come to mind.)

Below I have a list of all Satires oF Bob Dylan I know of. I interpret `satire' to include anything humorous. IF you help me locate a NEW Dylan Satire OR help me with the last section of this list which has incomplete information, THEN I will GIVE you an audio tape of DYLAN satires.

Please email to any response.

For an EXCELLENT website that has just about everything ELSE of interest regarding songs ABOUT Bob Dylan, see the Barf List BARF

Dylan COVERS are sometimes funny, sometimes not, so I've decided on some of those on a case by case basis. For an EXCELLENT website about Dylan Covers see COVERS


A hilarious review of Dylans's Christmas album is HERE

A satire (or is it?) from SPY magazine is HERE.

  1. SHORT means that the Dylan satire part of the song is short (duh).

  2. NF means that I do not think its funny. NF-dated means not funny because its dated.

Within a category I try to order by funniest to least funny.

  1. Dylan hear a who by Kevin Ryan. This sounds like Dylan singing Dr. Suess poems. This was available on-line but was removed at the request of Suess-Enterprises. You may still be able to find some copies floating around on line or off. For the full story see WHOPS. WHOPDF.
  2. Bill Clinton: Vast Bubba Cons [Explicit Lyrics] by Officer Vic and the Unindicted Co-conspirators. Political Satire that is anti-Clinton, sung to Dylan tunes. The songs that critize the Kosovo War would need very little to change to be about the Iraq Was. This one is hard to find.


  1. Suburban Drone by The Capital Steps from Thank God I'm a Contra boy (1987), Sheik,Rattle,Roll (1990), Joy of Sax (1993), First lady and tramp (1999), and Sixteen Scandals: 20 years of Capital Steps (2002) (NOTE- this is NOT there CD ``16 scandals' This is a CD that comes with a book about them). See LYRICS for all versions.

  2. Ally McBeal by Davinci's Notebook from Life & Times of Mike Fanning 2000. SONG

  3. Ally McBeal by Bob Rivers from Twisted Tunes Vol V. 1999. Similar to the above, but not the same. SONG

  4. Like a Nixon Clone by Paul Silhan from The Lippo Tiptoe 1996.


NOTE: Dylan was probably not the first person to do a TALKIN BLUES song (likely was Woodie Guthrie or even older). Even so, most of what follows were in the style of his TALKIN JOHN BIRCH BLUES.

  1. Talkin Alien Abduction Blue by Dan Bern from it Dog Boy. 1996. SONG

  2. Talkin New Bob Dylan by Loundon Wainwright from History, 1992. SONG

  3. Talkin' Al Kida Blues by Dan Bern from The Swastika EP. 2002. SONG

  4. Talkin' Building Q Blues by Barry and Sally Chilon-Helton from Tempus Fugitives (2001). These two are also in the group The Black Book Band.

  5. Talkin' Bob Dylan Imitators Contest Massacre Disastor Paranoid Blues by Steven Keene from Keene on Dylan. 1990. Audio tape only.

  6. Talkin Woody, Bob, Bruce, Dan Blues by Dan Bern from Smartie Mine. 1999 NF. SONG

  7. Talkin Seattle Grunge Rock Blues by Todd Snider from Songs for the Daily Planet (a hidden track- its track 13). SONG


  1. Star Wars Prequel Star Warrs Blues by The Great Luke Ski from Unconvention. 2005.
  2. Star Wars Trilogy Homesick Blues by The Great Luke Ski from Fan Boyz in the Hood (1997) and Carpe Dementia (1999). The version on Carpe Dementia is better. SONG

  3. Clinton so-slick blues I by Paul Silhan from The Lippo Tiptoe. 1996. NF-dated.

  4. Clinton so-slick blues II by Paul Silhan from Scandal in the Wind. 1998. NF-dated

  5. Nashville Memoirs No. 1 by Chris Gantry. Single. NF-About the hard life of being a musician, but just not funny. I can imagine that this was considered funny or novel at some time. You have to know that it is a Dylan Satire and listen very carefully before you can make out that its to the tune of Sub. Blues.


  1. Blowin in the wind-A female Persp. by Chenille Sisters from Christine Lavin presents Laugh Tracks Vol 1. 1996. SONG

  2. Blown in the Wind by Homer, Lisa, and Homer's Mom from An episode of the Simpsons- "Mother Simpson" episode 3F06. Aired November 19, 1995. Note that this is NOT on either of the Simpsons CD of songs from the show. SHORT.

  3. Greenwich Village Days by Garrison Keillor from Comedy Theatre 1997. Has a short parody of Blown in the Wind that goes `how much wood must a wood chuck chuck...'. Also has a spoken Bob Dylan satire.

  4. Flappin in the wind by Attila the Stockbroker. from Ranting at the Nation (More Poems about flat fish and Russians. 1983. Would be better if more understandable. Also sounds dated in that I don't catch many of the references. NF-dated.



  1. Everybody Must Get Cloned by The Capital Steps from When Bush comes to Shove 2002.

  2. Everybody's scanning Newt's Phone by Paul Silhan from The Lippo Tiptoe. 1996. Refers to an old obscure scandal. NF-dated.


  1. Knockin on Bob Evans Door by Dan Orr from Rock Bottom (The Dan Orr Project Vol 4) 2002.

  2. Knockin on WBAI's Door by Larry Sloman.

  3. Songs for Ellen by Dan Orr Project from Dorkness on the edge of Town: Best of the Dan Orr Project Vol II. 1998. SHORT and at end. NF-dated.

  4. Knockin on Heaven's Gate by Paul Silhan from Spinball Wizard. 1997. About Heavens Gate Cult. NF-dated.

SATIRES OF WE ARE THE WORLD (that have Dylan Part)

  1. We all use Word by Capital Steps from One Bush, Two Bush, Old Bush, New Bush. 2001. SHORT

  2. We arm the World by Capital Steps from We arm the world. 1986. SHORT.


  1. All along the Mayflower by Dan Orr Project from Wish you were Beer (The Dan Orr Project Vol 3). 2000.

  2. Madman on the Watchtower by Black Book Band from First Contact. 1997.


  1. Times They Are A-Changing (Bob Dylan turns 60) by Garrison Keilor from CHANGEING Makes fun of Dylan getting old.

  2. The Times They have not changed much by Loose Bruce Kerr from Dr. Demento basement tapes Number 12 or see CHANGEING


  3. The Congress its a changin' by The Capitol Steps. On their website see

  4. The dot coms, they are a closin By Bob Rivers On their website DOT


  5. Do you know any Bob Dylan by Eric Bogle from Eric Bogle Songbook Volume 2. 1992. (embedded in the middle of the song) (Also called ``A traditional Folksingers Lament')

  6. The Times they are a Changin by Jimmy Slogget with the compliments of PYE/ULTIMATE. This was a promotion for color TV in New Zealand in 1973. (1997)It is a 7'' vinly release with no Cat number. More interesting than funny. (There are two versions of this, one in Dylan style, the other not quite so much.) Lyrics are LYRICS


  1. Dylan Christmas Song by Unknown artist, Unknown source. Tune: Memphis Blues. LYRICS (I got it off TV in 1975. Might be the rarest thing in my entire novelty song collection. ANY help in finding out who sang it and where it might be officially would be appreciated.)

  2. It's Ennui Babe by Jim Terr from Chickenstock. Audio Cassette, 1994, Blue Canyon Records. Tune: It ain't me babe.

  3. Forever Dumb by Richard Allen Vinson (Office Vic) and the Unindicted Co-conspirators from Oh Shit!, Not Another Dylan Cover Album

  4. Starr Report Medley by Dan Orr Project from Wish you were Beer (The Dan Orr Project Vol 3) 2000. Tune: Medley of Dylan songs

  5. Don't think twice, Speaker Wright by Capital Steps from Georgie on my Mind. 1990. Tune: Don't Think Twice, its alright. Refers to a an old obscure scandal. NF-dated


  1. Protest Song by Neil Innes from Monty Python: Live at City Center(1997) and Dead Parrots Society . LYRICS (Earliest version may from Rutland Weekend Television, which aired in 1975. See PROTEST )

  2. The Ballad of Bob Dylan by Richard Belzer from Another Lone Nut. 1997.

  3. Jerusalem by Dan Bern from Dan Bern and Dog Boy. 1996. SONG

  4. Christmas is Pain by Roy Zimmerman from Comic Sutra. 1997. (This is also on a promotional CD by The Formen called Good Music That's Funny. Hard to find, but bascially the same version anyway.) LYRICS

  5. Royal Jelly from Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

  6. Patty Duke theme by Aguayo from Rerun Rock, 1995 (TV themes in diff. styles). Words are that of Patty Duke Theme.

  7. Bob by Weird Al Yankovic from Poddle Hat, 2003. Every sentence is a palindrome, with no connection to each other. Even so, makes as much sense as some Dylan Songs.

  8. I'm not Bob Dylan by Steven Banks from the Steve Banks Show.

  9. Happy Birthday you Refugees of the 60's by Dan Gossett. 1983.

  10. Bob Dylan Blues by Syd Barrett from Wouldn't you miss me Recorded in 1970(?) but released in 2001. Syd Barrett was a founding member of Pink Floyd.

  11. Three strikes and you're out by Foremen from Sing it loud. 1994.

  12. Bob Dylan is a Genius by Phil Ward from Easily Amused. 2001. Tune is not in Dylan style, but words are.

  13. Leanin on Bob by Will Rigby from Hit the Hay Vol 4, Sweden 2000. A Fan Tribute that goes overboard. Not sure if it was intented to be funny, but it is.

  14. Stay true to your Music by Mel P from The tape Mel P gave me. The singer is Dylan-obsessed but not quite sure he realizes it. Somewhat serious, but very interesting.

  15. Medley of Christmas Songs by The Unknown Christmas Singers The Songs are The night before Christmas, Auld Lang Zyne, Jingle Bells, Talking North Pole Blues, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

  16. James Bond Themes by Sean Cullen from Dr. Demento Basement Tapes Number 11. Last bit is James Bond Theme as done by Bob Dylan. SHORT

  17. Help by The Family Frog. A Single. Its the beatles song in Dylan style.

  18. I want to hold your hand by Christopher Milk. A Single. Its the beatles song in Dylan style. 1973.

  19. Polka Dot Undies by Bowser and Blue from It ain't easy being white and Dementia 2000-Demento's 30th anniversay. Uses Shaving Cream Trick of implying dirty words without saying them.

  20. Serve Yourself by John Lennon from John Lennon Anthology boxed set. 1998. The liner notes say this song is poking fun at Bob Dylan. Its a funny song, but its an odd Dylan-satire since the accent is Irish.

  21. Bob Kyplan by Alex Perience from Radio Boutique 1984. Completely incomprehensible but vaguely funny as such.

  22. Dylanasaurus from TV show Dinosaors.

  23. Fried Brain by Dillon Simmerman. Story about ordering a pizza and then about life, in Dylan Style.

  24. Positively Wall Street from National Lampoon's Lemmings. 1973 vinyl, 2001 CD. Tune: Generic (NOT Pos 4th Street).

  25. The Flintstones by unknown. Has been incorrectly attributed to Mel Prussack. (Mel himself corrected me on this.)

  26. Steve Banks Standup by Steve Banks from Steve Banks Home Entertainment Center (a video).

  27. A Simple Desultory Philippic (Or How I Was Robert McNamara'd Into Submission) by Simon and Garfunkel from Parsely, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. 1966 Vinyl, 2001 CD. Oldest Dylan satire? SONG

  28. Thanksgiving Day Parade by Dan Bern from New American Language. 2001. SONG

  29. Tape by Dan Bern from New American Language. 2001. SONG

  30. Alaska Highway by Dan Bern from New American Language. 2001. SONG

  31. One Thing Real by Dan Bern from Smartie Mine. 1999. SONG

  32. Flakes by Frank Zappa from Sheik Yerbouti, 1979. SONG

  33. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt by Excerpt from TV show The Critic. SHORT. 1993 or 1994.

  34. Bob dylan Flying Saucer put together by Mel P from The tape Mel P gave me. A flying saucer using just Dylan songs, and about dylan. Some great stuff here plus an A+ for effort.

  35. Bob dylan and Joan Baez Flying Saucer put together by Mel P from The tape Mel P gave me. A flying saucer using just Dylan songs, and about dylan and Joan Baez. NO spoken material to put it together. Not as good, but a real A++ for trying.

  36. White Christmas by Bob and the Dylantones, a single, 1984

  37. White Christmas (3 O'Clock Weather Report) by Bobby the Poet, single 1966.

  38. Persecution Smith by Bob Seger and the Last Heard. Single.

  39. Down and Out by Joey Vine. Single.

  40. Bobby the Prez by The Washington Hillbillies from The Washington Hillbillies. 1977. Fictional conversation between Dylan and Jimmy Carter. Not dated as there are no real references to the time frame, but not really funny either.

  41. Love is a four-letter Word by Joan Baez from Big Sur Festival. This version has a short Dylan imitation in it.

  42. Birds of Peace by Hee Bee Gee Bees from 439 Golden Greats. 1981.

  43. 60's Medley by Steve Goodie from Mouthful. 1995. SHORT.

  44. Food by Takeaways from A Bunch of Stiffs. 1977.

  45. A Public Execution by Mouse from More Nuggets Vol. 2. 1987.

  46. Bob Dylan Answering Machine Message from Original Tele-Funnies Vol 1. I don't know if this really IS the song, but it could be. PHONE

  47. Dylan life Story (No name really, but won a Dylan Imitators Contest) from The tape Mel P made for me.

  48. I was thinking from The tape Mel P made for me. No name given, but this name will suffice.

  49. In 1987 from The tape Mel P made for me. No name given, but this name will suffice. A fans tribute.

  50. Brain Damage by Jim Post 3rd Annaul Vancouver Folk Festival 1980.

  51. I wish they wouldn't say I sound like the guy from the USA Blues. by Chris Sanford. Single. Complains that people say he sounds like dylan. Could have been alot funnier.

  52. The Hiding Man by Dan Mize . A single. A song about apathy in Dylan style, but just not funny. A much better song (though not in dylan style) on this theme is A small circle of friends by Phil Ochs. NF

  53. Satires 1,2,3 by John Lennon. 1998. from Anthology. NF.

  54. Duke of Earl by The Masked Marauders from The Masked Marauders. 1969. For more info see MASKED NF.

  55. Cow Pie by The Masked Marauders from The Masked Marauders. 1969. NF.

  56. Seasons of the Witch by The Masked Marauders from The Masked Marauders. 1969. NF.

  57. Its all right Ma, I'm only bleeding by Christopher and the Chaps. Some bad harmonica playing and incomprehensive lyrics, but just NF.

  58. Bob Dylan Horror Show by Eugene Chadbourne. NF.

  59. See you later Alan Ginsberg by Bob Dylan from an unreleased basement tape.


  1. Mr. Tamborine Man by William Shattner from The Transformed Man , Spaced out(Best of Shattner/Nimoy) and a Golden Throats. 1988. Its the song done badly.

  2. Mr. Tamborine Man by The Chipmunks from Chipmunks a go-go, Its the song done chipmunks style.

  3. Blowin in the wind by Me first and Gimme Gimmes from Blown in the wind. 2001. Done punk style.

  4. Forskellig Kage by Eddie Skoller from En Aften Med Eddie Skoller. Danish intro. Includes the song ``Blowin the wind'' in Elvis Style. and ``Diana'' (by Paul Anka) in Dylan style.

  5. Like a Rolling Stone by Sebastian Cabot from Golden Throats (1988) and Sebastian Cabot Reads Poetry of Dylan. Is the song, just spoken.

  6. It Ain't me Babe by Sebastian Cabot from Golden Throats (1988) and Sebastian Cabot Reads Poetry of Dylan . Is the song, just spoken.

  7. Simple Twist of Fate by Joan Baez from Diamonds and Rust (1975 orig, 1990 on CD), The Best of Joan C. Baez (1997), A & M Classics, Volume 8 (), Diamonds (1996), and Greatest Hits (1996).

  8. You ain't going anywhere by Joan Baez from Banjoman.

  9. A Hard Rain's Gonna fall by Joan Baez from Live in Europe '83.

  10. Freight Train Blues by Dan Bern from Smartie Mine. 1999. SONG

  11. Blowin in the Wind by Eddie Albert from Golden Throats (1988) and The Eddie Albert Album .

  12. Rainy Day Women #12 and #35 by Ben Fong-Torres from Stranger Than Fiction. 1999. Ben performs the song using Dylan and Elvis impressions. Available at (Its called Rainy Day Bookstores on the CD.) NF.


  1. Bob Dylan's 115 Dream by Bob Dylan from Bringing it all back home. Orig 1965, on CD 1990.

  2. Talkin John Birch Blues by Bob Dylan Bootleg series. 1997. SONG

  3. Motorpsyco Nitemare by Bob Dylan from Another Side of Bob Dylan. 1990.

  4. Talkin Hava Nagalla Blues by Bob Dylan from Bootleg series. 1997.

  5. I Shall be Free No. 10 by Bob Dylan from Another Side of Bob Dylan. 1990.

  6. This old Man by Bob Dylan from Benefit for Pediatric Aids. 1999.


  1. Bob Dylan's 300 Game by Andrew Lorand from Potsticker Rodeo. 1996.

  2. Songs for Bob Dylan by Wally Pleasant from House of the Holy Moly 1994. Miranda Records.

  3. Bob Dylan at the Met by Firesign Theatre from Eat or be eaten. Spoken. 1985.

  4. Bob Dylan has run dry by unknown artist from Unknown source. Spoken.

  5. Born again Bob by National Lampoon from Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, and the End of the World. 1982. About Bob Dylans brief conversion to Christianity. Dated but still funny.

  6. Golden Protest by National Lampoon from Radio Dinner. 1972. Spoken. An Ad for a 1960's album. To quote Kip Williams who pointed this to me ``This was back when the idea of selling out the 60s was sacreligious and lots funnier.''


  7. Bob Dylan goes Punk by Maclean and Maclean from Suck their way to the top. 2001. SHORT. NF.

NOT Dylan Satires, though they have been suggested to me

  1. The Protest Singer by Don Hinson A single. Funny satire of Folk, but not really of Dylan except for some bad harmonica playing. 1966.

  2. Dylan for Dollars by Pinkard and Bowden from PG-13. 1985. Funny song about hippies selling out. But not about Dylan.

  3. Dylan for Dollars by Jack Friedman from International Bob Dylan Mail-Art Exhibition. 1983. Funny song about hippies selling out. But not about Dylan. Identical to the version by Pinkard and Bowden.

  4. Reduced Shakepeare Company Radio Tapes by The Reduced Shakespeare Company. There is a WHOSE-ON-FIRST type routine about rock bands (using WHO, GUESS WHO, YES, and THE BAND) which mentions Dylan. One mention does not a parody make

  5. People Planners by Dick Campell. Folk protest or satire of protest?

  6. Like a Dream/Nightmare by Chopped Liver. About shopping for Folk music, but comes around to Dylan. NF.

  7. Well it ain't from Mad Grooves (a collection of songs from MAD MAGAZINE albums and vinyl cutouts). 1996. Original in 1965. Borderline-- its more a satire of Folk Protest. And not a good one at that. NF. Liner notes say its a Bob Dylan satire, and brag that its one of the earliest. I say its not a Bob Dylan satire. How to determine this? Lets ask a Bob Dylan Satire Expert. Hmmm, thats probably me. So that settles it, its NOT a Bob Dylan Satire.

  8. Testimonial By R. Zimmerman by Cheech and Chong from Wedding Album. 1974. Its a spoken word piece about Drugs that uses a vaguely-Dylan-like voice. And they use the name `R. Zimmerman' (Dylan's real name is Robert Zimmerman). But its not about Dylan, and more importantly, its not funny. NF.

  9. I feel like Bob Dylan by Hoola Popper from Trout Farm. 1996. Not really about Dylan. NF.

  10. Like a Rolling Pin by The Replacements. This is a cover of ``like a rolling stone'' Doesn't sound like an imitation or an attempt at humor. Just alot of moaning. NF.

  11. Blowin in the Wind by The Beatles In India 1968, In London 1969. Not funny or intended to be. NF.

  12. Passing Through by Earl Scruggs and Friends Anniversay Special Vol One. 1975. Has a short Dylan piece in it. The Dylan part is so short and the song is so serious that I doubt it had comic intent. NF.

  13. Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs by The Minuteman. from What makes a man start fires? Orig 1983, CD 1991. Just keeps repeating the title. Not funny or intended as such. Also not interesting. NF.

  14. I want to be a clone by Steve Taylor. Just the last line is Dylan-style `everyone must get cloned' One line does not a dylan satire make. NF.

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