Anti-Maskers or Anti-Vaxers or etc who got Covid

Another website of anti-vaxers who died of covid

6 Anti-Vax Radio Hosts who died of Covid

This article reports on six anti-vax radio hosts who died of COVID

Bob Enyart, RW Radio Host. Dead. Said COVID was exaggeated, sued and won to have churchs not have limits and not require masks,

said that the virus was made from the cells of aborted babies. here

Marc Bernier, RW Radio Host, Dead. Compared PSAs urging the vaxine to Nazism.

Phil Valentine, RW Radio Host. Dead. Downplayed effect of vaccines, but while in Hospital changed his ind and advised his family members to get the jab.

Jimmy DeYoung Christian Radio Host. Dead. Said that Pfizer vax would make women sterile and that world gov were using the virus and the vaccine to centralize power.

Tod Tucker. Died of Pneumnonia related to COVID. Mocked the vaccine and all who took it. Irony: His who was going to replace Dick Farrell's show after Dick Farrel (next on this list) died of COVID.

Dick Farrell, RW Radio Host. Dead. Said Facci is a lying freak and the Vax is poisions.

Later urged friends to get the vax.

Anti-Mask Organizers

Caleb Wallce got Covid, used Horse dewormer, died. Quote: Your health is not as important as your freedom. Lead anti-mask rallies

Hai Shoulian urged his followers to NOT get vaccinated up until his death from COVID

Police captain

Joe Manning. Believed in Horse Paste. Dead

Priests and Pastors

Former St. Louis archibishop Raymond Leo Burke. Said microchip in Vax and Best way to combat covid was through prayer and penance

Pastoer Rick Wiles. Said vax was mass death campaign. Openly unrepentant

Bishop Gerald Glenn. Dead. Defying Social distancing: God is bigger than this virus

Pastor Landon Spradlin. Dead. Got it at Mardi Gras 2020. Thought it was just hysteria