CMSC 498A: Independent Studies Project

Edward Craft
Advisor: Dr. Mount

Fall 1996

Project Description

The purpose of this project is to learn HTML and Java, and to apply these in the development of World Wide Web applications. My progress will be measured through the completion of a number of "milestone" projects, the subjects of which will be determined during the course of the semester.


Stuart Harris and Gayle Kidder. 1996. Official HTML Publishing for Netscape. Windows ed. Research Triangle Park, NC: Ventana Communications Group, Inc.

Thomas, Michael D., et al. 1996. JAVA Programming for the Internet. 1st ed. Research Triangle Park, NC: Ventana Communications Group, Inc.

Semester "Milestones"

Sept. 13, 1996You are hereThis title page--Learning HTML
Oct. 4, 1996Hello, Applets!My First Applet--Basic Text Manipulation and Mouse Events
Oct. 18,1996CursorAppletMore Mouse Events, Simple Image Manipulation, and Parameter Passing
Nov. 24,1996The Towers of HanoiMouse Events, Image Manipulation, Smooth Animation with Double Buffering, Parameter Passing, Inclusion of External Classes, S imple Exception Handling, Generation of Online Documentation Using Javadoc
Dec. 18,1996CalculatorAWT Programming: 3 Different User-Interface Controls (buttons, text fields, and labels), and 3 Different Layout Managers (FlowLayout, Borde rLayout, and GridLayout)

Copyright 1996 by Edward Craft.