Programming Languages: Design and Implementation, Third Edition

by T. Pratt and M. V. Zelkowitz, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, (August, 2000) ISBN 0-13-027678-2.

This is the fourth edition to this sophomore/junior level textbook which describes various programming languages from the point of view of the underlying implementation of those languages. This fourth edition updates the 1995 edition with a discussion of the World Wide Web, including PERL, Java, HTML and an introduction to cgi scripts.

Errors found in book

This is a file of errata unfortunately found in the book.

Instructor's Guide

An instructor's guide has been prepared for use with the book: Instructor's Guide to Programming Languages: Design and Implementation (Third Edition), Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, (1996) ISBN 0-13-681131-0.

The 5 chapters of this guide include the following:

  1. Introduction to the Instructor's Guide.
  2. Sample syllabuses. This is a lecture by lecture outline of topics to be covered in a standard 15 week semester. Each lecture is keyed to sections of the text, and additional topics are offered, depending upon the interests of the instructor and background of the students. Three other modifications to this syllabus are given for more elementary or more advanced versions of the course.
  3. Solutions or hints at solving the problem are given to most of the problems at the end of each chapter. (The current draft Instructor's Guide only has some of the problems solved. The major change between now and the published edition is that additional solutions will be included.)
  4. Additional problems and their solutions, not included in the current text, are given. These could be used as additional homework or examination problems.
  5. This is a draft of a new chapter on Postscript, HTML and the WWW. for a future addition to this book. A Postscript version of this chapter is available to download if you would like to use it for your course as an additional language to study. It covers word processing languages in greater detail. Topics in this new chapter are keyed to existing sections in the current text for background information for the student. Topics covered in this new chapter include:

    (1) Postscript, its design and implementation including how to write Postscript programs. Considering Postscript's ubiquitous use as a page description language on many laser printers, having the student understand exactly what is going on should be of great help.

    (2) The World Wide Web, including sections on the history of the Internet and the ARPANET, HTML (its syntax and its background as an instance of SGML), and Java (Sun Microsystem's new object oriented language and its HotJava World Wide Web browser). The syntax and semantics of Java, as modifications to C++ and Smalltalk, are given.

A Postscript file of the chapter on Postscript and the WWW is available for use.

Prepared by: Marvin Zelkowitz

Last Change: April 1, 1996