Deliberation in
Planning and Acting

Tutorial T2, ICAPS-2017

Toulouse, France
University of Maryland
College Park, MD, USA
Trento, Italy

This tutorial is about how to combine two deliberative activities: planning what actions to perform, and deciding how to perform them. Previous research has usually addressed planning and acting separately, and has concentrated primarily on the planning part. However, recent progress has led to an increased appreciation of the deliberation required for acting, and the importance of combining planning and acting.

We will present a comprehensive paradigm for combining planning and acting, including deterministic, hierarchical, temporal, and nondeterministic models and algorithms; and we will discuss which kinds of models are best in which kinds of situations. Supporting materials will include electronic copies of our lecture slides and the final manuscript of our new book, Automated Planning and Acting (Cambridge University Press, 2016). The tutorial will be useful as an up-to-date tutorial for students, a reference work for practitioners, and a roadmap for future research.

Lecture slides (updated June 22)

  1. Introduction
  2. Refinement Models
  3. Temporal Models
  4. Nondeterministic Models
  5. Conclusion

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