Image Deblurring: I Can See Clearly Now
James G. Nagy and Dianne P. O'Leary

  • projdemo.m Sample Matlab program illustrating use of Kronecker products in factorizations
  • Data for the project:
  • matlab format
    Once the data is loaded, use the "whos" command to see that you have a blurred image G and the matrices A and B. To view the image, use the command: "imagesc(G), colormap(gray)".
  • ascii file
    Matrix A, followed by B, followed by G. Each matrix is of size 256x256. The entries are given in row order, 4 per line, e format.
  • Sample solution code (Matlab)
  • True original image:
  • jpeg format
  • Matlab format
  • zip file of all .m files