Variable-Geometry Trusses: What's Your Angle?
Dianne P. O'Leary

  • Program to draw Figure 25.1: drawtrussfig.m
  • Note: The formula in Challenge 25.1 depends on the choice of orientation. When the triangles with 2 points on the base and one on the top are flat in the base plane, the top is assumed to point to the right, not the left. If you make a different choice, then your signs may be different.
  • Sample solution code (Matlab)
  • runtruss.m Solution for the challenges.
  • methodgeom.m
  • fevalgeom.m
  • homogeom.m
  • methodpoly.m
  • homopoly.m
  • polytruss.m
  • fevalpoly.m
  • trusscheck.m
  • count.m
  • drawtruss.m
  • zip file of all .m files