Errata for Scientific Computing with Case Studies

Second Printing

09-14-10 p. 205: This program works but the use of "global" is ugly. A better version is nestedintegration.m

10-25-10 p. 252: In the 6th bullet, change $f \in [0,1]$ to $t \in [0,1]$.

First Printing


12-22-08 p. 195: Change "A convex function f(x) has a unique minimum that can be found" to "A minimizer of a convex function that is bounded below on a compact set can be found"

12-22-08 p. 214: In the last sentence in the paragraph before Challenge 19.2 "[r_2 n + 1]" should be "[r_1 n + 1]".

12-22-08 p. 233: Change "the difference between y(t+h) and y_{n+1}" to "the difference between y(t_n+h) and y_{n+1}".

12-22-08 p. 233: In Challenge 20.3, "point data" should be "data point".

12-22-08 p. 234 and p. 236: When the mean value theorem is used, set eta = (t_n, yhat), where yhat is between y_n and y(t_n).

12-22-08 p. 235: In the backward Euler displayed equation (just above "The geometry"), "h" should be "h_n".

12-22-08 p. 237: In Challenge 20.6, the superscripts "n+1" and "n" should be subscripts (5 changes).

12-22-08 p. 242: In the caption of Figure 20.9, change "factor of two" to "a factor of two".

12-22-08 p. 243: Two lines above Section 20.2.6, change "it is usually" to "it usually".

12-22-08 p. 243: In the definition of k_2, change "h" to "h_n".

12-22-08 p. 250: In the Sundials link, change the period after "gov" to "/". The link to Genda should be .

11-01-09 p. 252: In the 3rd bullet of Pointer 20.9, change "c(t) = 0" to "c(t) = 0 for t \in (0,1)".

12-22-08 p. 268: Change "integrate equation (1)" to "integrate equation (22.1)".

12-22-08 p. 269: Change "problem (1)" to "(22.1)".

12-22-08 p. 274: In Pointer 23.1, change "Challenge 23.5 and 23.6" to "Challenges 23.5 and 23.6".

09-08-09 p. 20: In Section 1.7, paragraph 3, change "If use" to "If we use".

09-18-09 p. 34: In the code fragment at the bottom of the page, remove "end" and put a semicolon after the last line.

10-02-09 p. 228: In the table, in the line for Example 1, change the minus sign after "c" to a plus sign.

10-05-09 In the last displayed equation on p. 236, change "h" to "h_n" twice.

10-06-09 p. 131: In Challenge 9.10, "Nelder-Meade" should be "Nelder-Mead".

10-19-09 p. 249: In the last equation, the subscript on alpha should be "j", not "i". Make the same change in the first equation on p. 250.

01-22-10 p. xiv, paragraph 2: "meant be" should be "meant to be".

01-22-10 p. 98, below the 2nd display: "speed of sound" should be "speed of the signal".

01-22-10 p. 151, Challenge 11.2(a): Remove "and bounded below".

01-22-10 p. 158: Challenge 12.1(b): Change "\bfQ_{roll}" to "\pm \bfQ_{roll}" (i.e., insert a plus-or-minus sign in front of Q_{roll}).

01-22-10 p. 251: In equation (20.16), change the first equals sign to a "triple-equals" (i.e., \equiv).

01-22-10 p. 287: In Pointer 24.2, change "Bezoit" to "B\'{e}zout".

01-22-10 p. 287: In Pointer 24.4, change "a unique" to "at most one" (twice).

01-22-10 p. 293, 4 lines below the challenge: Remove ", where x is a function of lambda".

01-22-10 p. 300, midpage: change "Bezoit" to "B\'{e}zout".

Errors in punctuation, formatting, etc.

12-22-08 Leading zeros should be used consistently: e.g., "h=.1" should be "h=0.1".

12-22-08 p. xiii, xiv, 17, 250, Be consistent about beginning urls with "http".

12-22-08 p. 41: Change the comma at the end of the second bullet to a period.

12-22-08 p. 226: Remove comma after "(20.1)" in the first line of Section 20.1.1.

12-22-08 p. 235: In Algorithm 20.2 change "t0, t1,...tN," to "t0, t1,...,tN," (add comma)

12-22-08 p. 246: Change "We can verify this a different way" to "We can verify this in a different way".

12-22-08 p. 369: In References [122] and [123], put the url in tt-font.

12-08-09 p. 380: In the 2nd line, "sesitivity of solution, 136" should be "sensitivity of solution, 136"