NSFNGS 2005 Workshop

The Next Generation Software (NGS) Workshop

held in conjunction with

Denver, Colorado, USA, April 4 2005


This workshop provides a forum for an overview, project presentations, and discussion of the research fostered and funded by the NSF Next Generation Software (NGS) Program. The program, announced in October of 1998, has had several calls for proposals (in FY99, FY01, FY02, FY03, and FY04), and supports research in two broad technical thrusts: One is in developing Technology for Performance Engineered Systems (TPES) for the Design, Management and Runtime Support of Computing Systems and Applications. The other thrust (Complex Application Development Support Systems - CADSS) seeks to create new systems' software technology, including enhanced compiler capabilities, and tools for the development, runtime support and dynamic composition of complex applications executing on complex computing platforms, such as Computational Grids, assemblies of embedded systems and sensor systems, as well as high-end platforms (Grids-in-a-Box) and special purpose processing systems. The two components (TPES and CADSS) of the NGS program have been incorporated in the recently announced Computer Systems Research (CSR) Program (NSF04-609). At the workshop the areas of emphasis in the CSR program will be discussed.

Workshop program


The NSFNGS workshop proceedings will be published along with the IPDPS conference proceedings.

Workshop Organizer

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