Software Engineering

Spring 2005; CMSC 435; Section 0101

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Welcome to the home-page for the Software Engineering Course (CMSC 435, Section 0101).

    In most of your computer science classes, you have written small programs and developed software that had few users, if any. What can you say about the design, analysis, quality, and reusability of these programs? Did you keep these issues in mind when you developed the programs? In other words, did you "engineer" the software well? 

    In the real world, you will be required to team-develop large software that may be used by hundreds of people. You want to make sure that the software we develop is "engineered" well. In this course, you will learn how to engineer software by developing a detailed design, testing/debugging the design for correctness, writing the code, and testing the quality of your software. 

    By the end of this semester, you will have learned techniques for:

  1. Planning and managing a software development project
  2. Capturing the requirements
  3. Designing the system
  4. Writing the code
  5. Testing each functional unit and the overall system
  6. Delivering the software
  7. Maintaining the software

Happy Software Engineering!

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