Testing is an Event-Centric Activity

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“Testing is an Event-Centric Activity” by Fevzi Belli, Mutlu Beyazit. And Atif Memon, in Proceedings of the International Conference on Software Security and Reliability, 2012.


Recent advances in techniques for testing graphical user interfaces (GUIs) enabled to develop workflow models and successfully employ them to generate large numbers of test cases by defining new test adequacy criteria and optimizing test suites for increasing the test efficiency. The key to the success of these event-focused techniques, especially event flow graphs and event sequence graphs, is that they primarily focus on the input space, and model the workflow in simple terms. If necessary, they can also be augmented to model more complex systems and processes to adapt to the needs of test engineers. We now posit that we can extend these techniques to also domains other than GUIs to create a general event-driven paradigm for testing.

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