SEROS -- A Self-Routing Optical ATM Switch

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SEROS -- A Self-Routing Optical ATM Switch” by Mohsen Guizani and Atif M. Memon. International Journal of Communication Systems, vol. 9, no. 2, 1996, pp. 115-125, John Wiley & Sons.


A fault-tolerant high-performance SElf-Routing 2x2 Optical ATM Switch (SEROS) is proposed. The switch is designed using all-optical components which allows the exploitation of spatial parallelism. SEROS can be used with any multistage interconnection network such as Omega, Banyan, Shuffle or Benes. For the purpose of this study, SEROS has been incorporated into a generic self-routing multistage interconnection network that uses 2x2 switches and is not fault tolerant. Reliability analysis is carried out and the results are compared with two major fault-tolerant networks. They show that without redundant switches, better network survivability is achieved. All the switches in the network are 2x2, making it easier to mass produce.

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