I am completing my PhD in Computer Science at the University of Maryland under the direction of Bill Pugh. My research focuses on understanding how software teams and developers use static analysis tools to improve code quality and security in practice. Read more…

Research Interests: Programming Languages, Human Computer Interaction, Software Engineering

I am currently applying for academic and research jobs.
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Selected Publications

N. Ayewah and W. Pugh (2009). “Using checklists to review static analysis warnings”, In Proceedings of DEFECTS 09, (Chicago, July 19, 2009), pp 11-15. pdf | doi

N. Ayewah, D. Hovemeyer, J. D. Morgenthaler, J. Penix, and W. Pugh (2008) “Using Static Analysis to Find Bugs”, IEEE Software. 25, 5 (Sep. 2008), 22-29. pdf | doi
Selected in IEEE Software’s 25th-Anniversary Top Picks, January/February 2009.

N. Ayewah, W. Pugh, J. D. Morgenthaler, J. Penix and Y. Zhou. (2007) “Evaluating Static Analysis Defect Warnings On Production Software”, In Proceedings of PASTE 07. (San Diego, June 13-14, 2007). pp 1-8. pdf | doi