A nice little picture of Bryan

Since 2003, I have had the opportunity to work on multiple research teams. Each experience has shaped my overall approach to research. I think that research is an integral part of any level of education. Generally, I am interested in answering the question "What makes software development hard?" (This comes from a 1985 publication by Kotovsky, Hayes, and Simon entitled, "What makes some problems hard?". Not unrelatedly, I happen to have a short summary of the article here.)

I prefer an interdisciplinary approach to this question that incorporates cognitive psychology (e.g. research on memory, expertise, problem solving, and in general, how we think) and potentially other fields with an empirical approach to analyzing software development. My current interests and philosophy build on the experiences outlined below. Publications are detailed in a separate Publications section linked to the left.

Cognitive Factors Affecting Perspective-Based Reading

Digital Human Modeling

Non-Functional Requirements Engineering

Hydraulic Modeling