Michael I. Dekhtyar

November 3, 1997, Tver, Russia,
Tver State University computer lab

Email : Michael.Dekhtyar@tversu.ru

Current Position : Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Tver State University, Russia.

Education: Ph. D. in Mathematics (Candidate of Physics and Math Sciences), 1977, Moscow State University, USSR (graduate study at Institute of Mathematics, Siberain Branch of USSR Academy of Scienes, Novosibirsk, USSR),
M.S. in Mathematics (5year university diploma), 1969, Novosibirsk State University (USSR), dept. of Mechanics and Mathematics.

Research Interests: Logic Programming, Deductive Databases, Algorithms and Complexity.

Current Research Projects: (to be done later)

Publications : (to be done later)

Hobbies: chess, sports (TV), reading, kayaking.

July 1997, Leuven, Belgium