The Historic Message Of Robert ('zilla) Carey :

Announcing The First-Ever P*I*N*K*Y Awards

Subject: Announcing the PINKYS: (warning: bandwidth waste)

Hi fellow floydian fans of _all_ eras!

As I've mentioned before, there is a shadow group watching echoes from nearby. We have observed the various posts from this past year and have decided to give some exceptional posters honorable mention. To do so, we have created the "Pinky" awards to honor outstanding contributions to echoes. We have also created another set of awards, the "Webbers" , which similarly notes posters of dubious achievement. The "Webber" list will be posted shortly (unless this "Pinky" list generates too much flame for bobzilla. %^)



The 1994/1995.1 P*I*N*K*Y Awards Winners

1.) Best-Boy-Scout-Thinking-on-his-feet Pinky to :
                   Blue Dawg 
for grabbing the remnants of the Division Belle to sell to us as blimpbitz(tm)
2.) Best-Seats-in-the-House Pinky to:
                   Jordan of PEM  

3.) Most-Varied-sig-without-being-overdone Pinky to:
             Gerhard, the acoustic Argonaut     
with his radioactive .sig
4.) Best-Near-Death-Post-that-was-still-PF-related Pinky to:
              George,the Checkered Demon   
(who tangled with a hippo one day)
5.) First-Person-to-actually-Speak-to-Publius Pinky to:
                  Scott, the Eskimo Spy  
(And NOW we know who Publius IS)
6.) Best-bear-on-the-list Pinky to:
               H.W. Neff  
(who's that?)
7.) Best-Band-in-the-Known-Universe Pinky to:
                 Pink Floyd 
                      Pink Floyd 
                          Pink Floyd  

8.) Most-Appropriate-User-Login-Name Pinky to:
(Too bad he got bored and left, though)
9.) Most-Relevant-Pink-Comments-made-and-most-Thoughtful-throughout- the-year Pinky:
(even if he was one of the first to fall for the AFJ)
10.) Most-Sociable-person Pinky:
for offering to buy us all beer
11.) Best-faq-Maintainer Pinky:
           Matt Denault  

12.) Best-ex-faq-Maintainer Pinky:
            David Schuetz  

13.) Most-Globetrotting-echosian Pinky:
             Robert Svebeck  

14.) Most-Unfathomable-sig Pinky:

15.) Best-unsubscribed-echoes-Supporter Pinky:
                  Kiwi DAve  

16.) Most-Typographically-Challenged-echoesian Pinky:

17.) Most-needing-a-tagline Pinky:

18.) Most-Fervent-enigma-chaser-and-Publius-defender Pinky:

19.) Best-94-concert-story Pinky:
              John Hiett,
                 Blue Dawg,
Attendee at after-show party where PF played "Johnny B. Goode" and they had a minature mirror ball on a birthday cake
20.) Best-84-DG-tour-concert-story Pinky:
          Jerry Wilson 
(who doesn't need this award cause he won an autographed guitar from Dave Gilmour)
21.) Most-likely-to-accidentally-stumble-upon-the-solution-to-Publius'-enigma- -and-win-the-tangible-prize Pinky:
         Jerry Wilson    
(see above)
22.) Best-Getting-Tickets-story Pinky:
         Dave Caudle  
(who got my extra ticket but somehow missed meeting me %^(
23.) Best-Rumour Pinky:
        1994 album/tour  

24.) Sheapest-Joker-Pinky:

25.) Sheapest-Jokee-Pinky:
        Ray B   
(go ahead and ask him about it)
26.) Best-Web-page-o-Floyd Pinky:
         Greg Humphreys  

27.) Best-Web-page-o-cookies Pinky:
        Herwig Henseler  

28.) Most-Polite-echosian Pinky:
          Karen, er Kitty  

29.) Most-Fanatic-sydophile Pinky:

          Scott A. Frank  

30.) Biggest-Rog-fan Pinky:

31.) Biggest-Dave-fan Pinky:
          Dave Wienberger  

32.) Biggest-Nick-fan Pinky:
(who still misses keith moon and john bonham)
33.) Biggest-Rick-fan Pinky:
(who declared Rick back in the band)
34.) Most-Completist-collector Pinky:
            Vernon Fitch  
of the PF Archive

35.) Best-April-Fools-gag Pinky:
with his "Roger and his cronies have just booked a bunch of hotel rooms in New York" post from 1994
36.) Best-post Pinky :
        Whoever it was  
that first confirmed that the setlist had been changed at the end of the North Am tour.
       whoever it was  
that confirmed the release of TDB and the '94 tour.
37.) Best-Dave-in-a-black-NASA-cap Pinky:
(but Dave, Dave, Dave, DAve, and Dave came in close)
38.) Best-Plea-for-a-Job Pinky:

39.) Best-echoes-Collage-so-far Pinky:
(or Geln, however he spells it)
40.) Most-cookies-collected-in-the-shortest-timespan Pinky:

41.) Best-Floydaholic Pinky:
(who wants to change his name to Gilmour)
42.) Most-fubar'd-unsub-by-an-ex-pinky:
      ilhan alpay   
(who sent his unsub msg to echoes-do-not-use-this-addr@fawnya.tcs.com) and the guy who corrected him (but then CC'ed the instructions to the same list)
43.) Best-one-line-sig Pinky:
    jlynch@wilkes1.wilkes.edu (John Lynch) 
                 for:  ---/\===   

44.) Most-prompt-Echosian-to-send-in-a-picture-for-the-new-95-echoes-collage Pinky:
          Dave Tratt  

45.) Most-level-headed-echoesian-who-can-debate-topics-and-not-let-the- -discussion-turn-into-a-flame-fest Pinky:
          Dave Tratt  
(who talked levelheaded with Evan the Republican about politics, and challenged some guy's opinion about Syd leaving/getting tossed from the PF)

Special awards:

a.) Special Rog-red-eyed-pig Pinky:
    All echoesians/nonechoesians
                     at the first Earls Court gig

b.) Special Dave-vibratin-laser Pinky:
  All rolo/roio/volo/voio/toio database contributers

c.) Special Nick-neon-drumstick Pinky:
  The Rest of the World
           (minus North Am and Europe) 
                still waiting for the tour

d.) Special Rick-70's-McDonald's-coffee-stirrer Pinky:
      North Am
           and Europe
               hoping for a return leg of the tour 

e.) Special Syd-crumpled-Mod-outfit Pinky:
        To all the echoesians in the recent drugs/anti-drugs 
        debate who have educated us all about the dangers 
        of not doing drugs

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