What is

P*I*N*K*Y ?

Date: Mon, 23 Oct 95 15:31:44 -0400 From: Bob Carey To: echoes@fawnya.tcs.com Subject: Pinkys and Webbers

Hi All,

There was some discussion late last week about just what the Pinky
and Webber awards were and who gave them out. I thought I'd try to
clarify this issue. Here goes:

The Pinky Awards (not pinkies) were conceived by me and a few "shadow"
lurkers as a way of recognizing outstanding acheivements by echoesians.
We awarded the Pinkys around the time of the great April Fool's Day Jokes.
But they are no joke.

Anyone on echoes may nominate anyone else for a Pinky. I am the keeper of
the list of nominations. Usually awards are pretty self evident but the
flurry of Pinky Wannabes during the Fictitous Sports thread has strained
that and we may just have to split the nominations into several awards.

Alex, dat enail aminal, has volunteered to load last year's awards on
his home page. Check there for the catagories now extant. Some of those
catagories won't be appropriate for this year's Pinkys but there is no
rule that says we can't come up with new award slots.

The Webbers (named after Rog's fave Broadway composer) are the Anti-Pinkys
and are given to those echoesians who have misbehaved or posted nonsense
or non-PF related flotsam on the list. _I_ am probably in line for quite
a few of _those_ awards, but someone's gotta nominate me first! %^)

My thoughts this year are that we should award the winners just before
Christmastime and not wait until AFD. Alex and I will be keeping track
of all of your nominations so LET EM FLY! Try to be original. Remember,
if at all possible, try to nominate someone in a catagory that already
exists. If no catagories fit the poster, then make one up.

There were no physical prizes awarded with last year's awards but that is
not necessarily a hard and fast rule. Some Pinkys this year _may_ get
a suprise in the mail. %^)

Clear nuff?
blink on,

PS  One last item:  It's  considered  kinda "tacky"
    to nominate yerself for a Pinky.  You can
    nominate others but  if you want  an  award 
    you'll have to bribe another echoesian  to do 
    that for you. I  am  always  open  to receiving 
    bribes, BTW. The case with the Webbers is 
    slightly  different. If you're crazy enough to 
    nominate yerself for a Webber, then you probably 
    DO deserve it.  %^)