Spring 2016 - Homework #3: Working a Scenario - Due by class time on March 1st

In class we have discussed the idea of user-centered and task-centered design. This design process involves writing up realistic task scenarios (in part by asking example users to tell us about their desired tasks so we can use those to write the scenarios). The last slide in the User/Task-Centered Design notes talks about what makes a good task scenario example. Towards the end of class I presented the following scenario:

A man carrying a demanding toddler walks into our kiosk-centric brick and mortar store,
buys an umbrella stroller (red is preferred but blue is acceptable),
pays for it in cash, and uses it immediately.

For this homework I'd like you to generate a list of some interface and design implications that can be extracted from this scenario. For example:
   The kiosk needs to accept paper bills.
   Color information needed on product page.

Please make a "bullet list" of all of the design and interface implications that you can think of surrounding this single scenario and save it in a text file. For this homework we aren't getting into things like "there should be a button to..." but will rather keep it at a slightly higher-level like "there should be a way to indicate/choose..." (this leaves the question of how - button, drop-down, etc. - until the next phase).

You should have at least 7 on your list (and probably no more than 15) but what I'd like you to do is start by just listing everything that comes to mind, and if you have more than 15 to pick the 15 that you think I'll find most interesting and list those for the HW). You will then e-mail it to me at egolubUMD@gmail.com by copying and pasting the text list into that e-mail, and using the subject "HW #3" before class time on March 1st.