HDCC 209C - Spring 2017

Final updated proposal due 02/05 by 11:59pm via PDF posted to your Wordpress page and URL sent via e-mail to egolubUMD@gmail.com.


You have gotten feedback on your initial proposal and have had time to think about the details of your project more. This final updated proposal will more clearly define the project you wish to undertake, and provide some additional background information on the project's domain. Every proposal must also provide an updated outline for your plan of action with an additional element - some "benchmark" points.

The idea of these benchmarks is that everyone should clearly state:
• the final goal that you intend to aim for by early May
• an earlier intermediate goal that you intend to aim for by early to mid April that would still be a good capstone outcome that would make you happy
• an even earlier intermediate goal that you intend to aim for by mid to late March that would still be seen as a respectable capstone outcome in conjunction with the learning experiences related to what slowed things down for the semester

The final outcome is important, but so are the intermediary stages. If you are a part of a team project you will need to identify the roles of all team members, and expand on your role in particular.

You also need to make sure your proposal explains why you are well positioned to be the one (or the team) to complete this project. While things might need to be refined during the semester, the goal here is to start strong on a path to success and a clear sense of not only why you are undertaking this project, but why it should be you. When discussing why and how you are well positioned to complete the project, consider the skills and tools that will be required. If there are skills that you do not yet have, explain how you will gain them quickly enough to be able to move forward with your project.


You will turn in your updated proposal document as a PDF file via e-mail to me at egolubUMD@gmail.com by the above date. For ease of reading, please use 14 point Times New Roman and have paragraphs single-spaced but have an extra blank line between paragraphs. Remember, if you quote or paraphrase any sources, make sure you cite them. You may use any style with which you are comfortable, but you must cite sources.