HDCC 209C - Spring 2017

Stakeholder Questions and Interview


This overall goal of the stakeholder identification and interview assignment is to help you gain a perspective of your capstone project as seen by an "outsider" in terms of DCC, but an "insider" in terms of either being a potential user or caring that it exists for potential users to access. Done well this can provide crucial feedback that will help identify any "blind spots" your project might have, as well as things such as inconsistencies, domain errors/problems, and potentially ideas on how the project can/should support growing into something larger.

Timetable and Deliverables

Your first two tasks are to (1) identify who you would like to interview as a stakeholder and contact them and see if they will agree, and (2) to come up with a tentative list of at least five questions that you will ask them related to your capstone. Krista has shared this link to an example definition of a stakeholder that is meant to help you as you identify candidates. This list of questions is due to me via e-mail by 02/13, before class time.

Next, you need to meet with at least one faculty/staff/administrator on campus to discuss your project and conduct your interview. You can choose to meet with more than one potential stakeholder. If you would like to meet with someone outside of the campus community or a student instead, please discuss it with me in advance. There is no deliverable for this, but you should aim to have this done by 02/27.

Finally, you need to submit a summary of your stakeholder's response to your discussion and interview. This will most likely be a PDF document via e-mail, but if you have something else in mind, please let me know. It should include your final list of questions (and their responses) as well as a discussion of any changes you are planning to make to your project plan as a result of this meeting. This is due by 03/06, before class.