HDCC 209C - Spring 2017

Task Scenarios and User Descriptions


Now that we've discussed ideas related to task-centered and user-centered approaches and what that can mean for different types of projects, and you have come up with some questions for your stakeholder, it's time to come up with several task scenarios and also provide descriptions of your target users. Recall that the task (or usage or experience) scenarios are meant to paint a picture of one way in which what you are creating might be used or experienced. It should provide information that allows us to imagine the person, their context, and perhaps even some details about their life while also giving us the ability to imagine their use of, or experience with, your creation.


I'd like you to construct between three and five of these task/usage/experience scenarios for your project. They will preferably explore a range of people and a range of motivations. For each of them, state whether it depicts a "typical" scenario or more of a "corner" or "edge" case (not typical but still interesting). These are due to me via e-mail by 02/20, before class time.