Evan Golub's Worddle Word Puzzle Application Page

This is the information page for my implementation of an application called Worddle - a word puzzle game that might look familiar. The current version allows you to load a set of dice, shake the dice and play against a timer and comes with three "sets" of dice. Future versions will have features such as allowing for sharing a shake with others over a network, word-entry abilities and scoring your results against others over a network. If you unzip the WorddleCE .NET 2003 directory and drop it into the "My Documents" directory of a PocketPC with the Compact Framework installed, it should work.

I do not have an installer for this yet, so if you don't have the Compact Framekwork installed, you can't run this application for now. However, here are some screenshots teasers :)

Please do not distribute copies of the software yourself. If you would like to share it with others, direct them to this site so that they can read this information and download their own copy.

This software is Copyright © 2002-2004 Evan Golub.

This software comes with no warranties explicit or implied.

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