Evan Golub's PocketPC (aka Windows CE 3.0) Programming Page

My pages
  • An embedded Visual Basic FAQ page I am assembling.
  • A Visual Studio .NET Compact Edition FAQ page I am assembling.
  • A PaintByNumbers puzzle application on which I am working in embedded Visual Basic.
  • A word puzzle game application on which I am working in Visual Studio .NET Compact Framework.
  • WinSock, IrDA and You! - A brief look at some issues with trying to do IrDA communiations using WinSock objects in embedded Visual Basic.
  • Sync your PocketPC with an Atomic Clock - If you have an Internet connection via your PocketPC and want to synchronize your clock, give this a look.
  • How can I register my program to run at a certain time? - Curious about scheduling a program to launch at a certain time - read this article.

    Some other pages of use that are out there
  • Microsoft's Official page
  • One of many Windows CE Developers FAQ pages
  • PocketPC Developer's Network
  • Visual Basic for CE Developers site
  • An Info Hub for PocketPC Development

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