Evan Golub's ATT(Att The Tone) Clock Sychronization Application Page
This is the information page for my implementation of an application called ATT (which stands for Att The Tone) that can be used to synchronize the time on your PocketPC with one of NIST's atomic clock services. Although network delays mean that you won't be perfectly synchronized with the official atomic clock, this should allow you to be within a few seconds of it. Note: Your PocketPC will need to have Internet access for this to work. I have used 802.11 wireless connections in my testing.

The motivation for this application was a similar application I have for my desktop PC. I find that my clock drifts over a minute each month. On my PocketPC, since I don't sync it with a PC very often, I find I have drift as well. Also, I don't have partnerships for my PocketPC with all of my PCs, so I can only sync the time at certain machines. I looked around a little and didn't see a PocketPC version of the program I was using on my PC, so I decided to write one.

In the current version of the program, the IP address of one of NIST's servers is hardcoded into the program. In future versions there will be a list of servers as well as a way to add new ones. I have not done rigorous testing on the program - I have tested it on an iPAQ running PocketPC 2000, an iPAQ running PocketPC 2002 and a Jornada running PocketPC 2000. Version 0.5 had a problem with daylight savings time. Version 0.6 fixes this problem by checking another registry variable to set the daylight savings correctly.

The current version can be downloaded here. Extract the contents to a new directory and run the setup.exe file. The program will be installed on your PocketPC the next time you sync it. A shortcut to the application will be added to the Programs directory.

Please do not distribute copies of the software yourself. If you would like to share it with others, direct them to this site so that they can read this information and download their own copy.

This software is Copyright © 2002 Evan Golub.

This software comes with no warranties explicit or implied.

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