Visual C++ Workbook

Evan Golub

Currently available with McGraw-Hill C++ text:
"C++ Program Design" 3rd Edition by Cohoon and Davidson at their Online Learning Center

Soon to be available with McGraw-Hill C++ text:
"A Computer Science Tapestry" 3rd Edition by Astrachan

Table of Contents

Exercise IA Brief Introduction to Visual C++ and Creating a New Project
Exercise IIExperiencing Syntax Errors in Visual C++
Exercise IIIProgram with Multiple Files and Classes
Exercise IVInput and Output File Redirection
Exercise VDebugging I - When programs crash…
Exercise VIDebugging II - Walking through a program
Exercise VIIDebugging III - Tracing Constructors, Copy Constructors and Destructors
Exercise VIII   Debugging IV - Tracing Infinite Loops
Exercise IXTemplates
Exercise XInheritance and the ClassView

Appendix A The Windiff Utility

Special thanks to the people at Microsoft and the University of Maryland with whom I have worked.
These include (alphabetically):
    Craig Cumberland, Laura Goyer, Dylan Greene, Kurt Messersmith, Susanne Peterson, Jandelyn Plane, Robert Rodgers, John Spencer