My research focuses on understanding how users make security decisions and developing security education interventions for at-risk users.

Generously awarded a NSF GRFP, NDSEG and Facebook Fellowship.

Want a brief sample of my work, and the work of others in this area?
Check out my recent essay in Scientific American: Why Installing Software Updates Makes Us WannaCry

18. Babaei, M., Kulshrestha, J., Chakraborty, A., Cha, M., Redmiles, E.M. and Gummadi, K. Analysing Biases in Perception of Truth in News Stories and their Implications for Fact Checking.

FairUMAP 2018   |  Workshop

17. Stevens, R., Votipka, D., Redmiles, E.M., Ahern, C., Sweeney, P., and Mazurek, M.L. The Battle for New York: A Case Study of Applied Digital Threat Modeling at the Enterprise Level.

USENIX Sec. 2018   |  Acceptance: 19%

16. Adams, D., Bah, A., Barwulor, C., Musabay, N., Pitkin, K., and Redmiles, E.M.* Ethics Emerging: the Story of Privacy and Security Perceptions in Virtual Reality.
* Sole advisor for five-person undergraduate student team.
SOUPS 2018   |  Acceptance: 23%

15. Redmiles, E.M., Mazurek, M.L., and Dickerson, J.P. Dancing Pigs or Externalities? Measuring the Rationality of Security Decisions.
EC 2018   |  Acceptance: 26%

ICWSM 2018   |  Acceptance: 16%

13. Redmiles, E.M., Morales, M., Maszkiewicz, L., Stevens, R., Liu, E., Kuchhal, D., and Mazurek, M.L. First Steps Toward Measuring the Readability of Security Advice.
ConPro 2018   |  Workshop

12. Grgic-Hlaca, N., Redmiles, E.M., Gummadi, K.P., and Weller, A.. Human Perceptions of Fairness in Algorithmic Decision Making: A Case Study of Criminal Risk Prediction.
WWW 2018   |  Acceptance: 15%

11. Redmiles, E.M., Chachra, N., Waismeyer, B. Examining the Demand for Spam: Who Clicks?
CHI 2018   |  Acceptance: 26%

10. Votipka, D., Stevens, R., Redmiles, E.M., Hu, J., Mazurek, M.L. Hackers vs. Testers: A Comparison of Software Vulnerability Discovery Processes.
IEEE S&P 2018  |   Acceptance: 9%

9. Booth, K. M., Dosono, B., Redmiles, E.M., Morales, M., Depew, M., Farzan, R., Herman, E., Trahan, K., and Tananis, C. Diversifying the Next Generation of Information Scientists: Six Years of Implementation and Outcomes for a Year-Long REU Program.
iConference 2018   |  Acceptance: 30%

8. Plane, A., Redmiles, E.M., Mazurek, M.L., and Tschantz, M. Exploring User Perceptions of Discrimination in Online Targeted Advertising.
USENIX Sec. 2017   |   Acceptance: 16%

SOUPS WAY 2017   |   Workshop

6. Stransky, C., Acar, Y., Nguyen, D.C., Wermke, D., Redmiles, E.M., Kim, D., Garfinkel, S., Backes, M., Mazurek, M. L., and Fahl, S. Lessons Learned from Using an Online Platform to Conduct Large-Scale, Online Controlled Security Experiments with Software Developers.
CSET 2017   |  Workshop

CHI 2017   |   Acceptance: 25%

4. Redmiles, E.M.*, Grace, E.*, Rai, A.*, and Ghani, R. Detecting Fraud, Corruption, and Collusion in International Development Contracts.
*This is a co-first authored publication.
BigData 2016   |   Acceptance: 19%

CCS 2016   |   Acceptance: 16%

IEEE S&P 2016   |   Acceptance: 13%

SIGCSE 2015   |  Demo Paper; Acceptance: 31%



University of Maryland
Doctorate of Philosophy in Computer Science
Concentration in Survey Methodology (18 credits)
      Outstanding Graduate Student 2018
      NSF Graduate Research Fellowship 2017 - 2020
      Facebook Fellowship 2017 - 2019
      NDSEG Fellowship 2017 - 2021 (declined for NSF GRFP)
      Deans Fellowship 2015 & 2016
      University of Chicago Data Science for Social Good Fellow 2015


University of Maryland
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Cum Laude
GPA: 3.93 | Banneker Key Full Grant
Thesis: Human factors and requirements for a successful mobile platform dynamic taxishare system in the USA.


Phillips Exeter Academy
High School
GPA: 10.6/11.0, Highest Honors