The Fifty-Five Endless Days of Kri$ma$
by Carin P. Webb

On the first day of Kri$ma$, just after Halloween,
The mall had a nativity scene.

On the fifth day of Kri$ma$, just after Halloween,
Wreaths were for sale.
Lights were hung.
Garland was strung.
And he mall had a nativity scene.

1.   And the mall had a nativity scene.
2. Garland was strung.
3. Lights were hung.
4. Wreaths were for sale.
5. Poinsettias.

6. Santas abound.
7. Folks wear red and green.
8. Carols are sung badly.
9. Ev'ry one gains weight
10.You hear sleigh bells ring.

11. You hear The Nutcracker.
12. You hear Let it Snow.
13. You hear Silent Night.
14. You hear Jingle Bells.
15. You hear Deck the Halls.

16.You hear The Messiah.
17.Certain toys are scarce.
18.Mangers are abundant.
19.Popcorn is strung.
20.Windows are painted.

21.You hear, "Ho!  Ho!  Ho!"
22.Cars are broken into.
23.Men talk brotherhood.
24.Men talk Son of God.
25.Men talk peace on earth.

26.Commercials are relentless.
27.Charge cards are maxed.
28.Mail orders pour in.
29.Eggnog is for sale.
30.Shoppers go crazy.

31.Kri$ma$ trees catch fire.
32.Anxiety mounts.
33.People go in debt.
34.Suicides are tried
35.People help the needy.

36.Kri$ma$ cards are sent.
37.People dress like elves.
38.Kri$ma$ stockings hung.
39.Chestnuts are roasted.
40.Jack Frost nips your nose.

41.Post office swamped.
42.Can't find parking spaces.
43.Lots of things on sale.
44.Merchants very nervous.
45.Mistletoe is hung.

46.Fruitcakes used as doorstops.
47.Lines go out the door.
48.Sales help's non-existent.
49.Drunk drivers kill.
50.Brandy sales go up.

51.Lots of folks feel guilty.
52.Dickens gets dragged out.
53.Depression is wide-spread.
54.Homeless freeze to death
55. Kri$ma$ fin'ly came.