The 12 days of Clinton
Capital Steps
From All I want for Christmas is a Tax increase

(There are alot of side comments in this song
that I don't include here.)

On the 12th day of Clinton my new boss said to me 

12 blonds carreering,
11 liberals leering,
10 tax and spenders,
9 neutral genders,
8 eco-hundrs,
7 soft-on-muggers,
6 psudeo centrists,
5 quota queens,
4 polish nerds,
3 less men,
2 movie stars, and
an old friend of Hillary's

On the last day of Clinton I'm voting GOP
But you'll get

12 Reagan Ringers,
11 limbauge wingers,
10 preachers praying,
9 guns a sparying,
8 straight teenagers,
7 Macho Majors,
6 sexist  sailors,
5 quota  husbands,
4 years of spending cuts,
3 henchmen,
2 guys who talk too tough, and
Ross Perot as your next nominee