by Chad Mitchell Trio.
The Very Best of the Chad Mitchell Trio
(Was also released on Vinyl

by Eric Blau

I tried to transcribe the words but I couldn'te
understand alot of them, so I have XXX there.
Also, some might be wrong.

THANKS to Gerry Myerson for help on some of the lines.


And a partridge in a pear tree

Rudolph Hess's blessing

3 anti semites

4 Gestapo leaders

To hell with Adenauer

(He was German Chancellor in the 1960's)

we received from Israel, six guided missles

On the seventh day of Christmas the US send to me Seven more million dollars

On the eight day of Christmas my true love gave to me Telfunken H-bomb

(Telefunken was German Company that manufactored radios)

On the ninth day of Christmas we heard officially
	they hanged the wrong Eichman

On the tenth day of Christmas Iraq send us free
	10 swastika scribblers

(NOTE-- some versions have `Long Island' instead of `Iraq')

On the llth day of Christmas we heard officially
	monicles are back

On the 12th day of Christmas they told us Germany
	he's still alive ?