Title - The 12 computerised days of Xmas
Original - The 12 days of Xmas
Group - Traditional
Author - (Byte 1981?)
Intro - [for the second version] Here's another version of the Twelve Days of Christmas ... more recent than Byte's, obviously, since it's got mouses. This sounds a lot like the original Christmas carol if you don't pay attention. [George Sicherman <windmill!gls>]
Song - [two, actually ;-]

The 12 computerised days of Xmas

On the Twelfth day of Christmas ,
my computer gave to me

Twelve blown-out circuits
Eleven damaged diskettes
Ten disk-drive lockouts
Nine burnt-out fuses
Eight worthless printouts
Seven system resets
Six I/O spasms
Five Blank Cassettes
Four garbled SAVEs
Three loose plugs
Two keyboard bounces
And a glitch on the video screen

.. and another version:

The Computer's Twelve Days of Christmas

My true love gave to me
Twelve plotters plotting,
Eleven printers grinding,
Ten punches jamming,
Nine nixies blinking,
Eight drums a-spinning,
Seven screens a-scrolling,
Six mice a-clicking,
Five write rings,
Four coding sheets,
Three punch cards,
Two paper tapes,
And a cartridge in a P.C.

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