by Screaming Lord Bob and the Amazing Bobettes
from The Alesis Christmas Album
(Its actually called TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS on
the album, but I changed it to DRINKS so people
looking via topic could find it.)

12th day: 12 tequila slammers
11th day: 11 triple brandies
10th day: 10 kegs of sherry
 9th day: 9 cans of Coke (in the last verse they say snorts)
 8th day: 8 Harvey Walbangers
 7th day: 7 Russian Vodkas
 6th day: 6 Bloody Marys
 5th day: 5 baby (shams)?
 4th day: 4 pints of ale
 3rd day: 3 cans of Bud
 2nd day: 2 shots of rum
 1st day: and a tumbler full of whiskey