This item was brought to my attention.
Its not really a satire yet--- but there HAS to be
some satire of ``12 days'' having to do with Physics
out there someplace.  Until I find it, I'll use this
as a placeholder.

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> I'm not much of a physic mavin, but a recent Scientific American artical
> (July 1999, "Inside the Proton") says that in fact a proton contains
> lots of virtual strange quarks.  They show a diagram of a single
> configuration containing:
> 6 up quarks
> 4 up anti-quarks
> 4 down quarks
> 3 down anti-quarks
> 2 strange quarks
> 2 strange anti-quarks
> plus lots of gluons.

Why do I get the feeling that there's a quantum-theory parody version of
The Twelve Days of Christmas coming up in this thread?

"...and a half-dead cat in a box."