ST-SNW Supspace Rhapsody

Status Report GREAT

Connect to your truth

How would that feel

Private Conversation

Keeping Secrets

I'm Ready GREAT

I'm the X

Keep us Connected

How would that fell

We are one (includes Klingons) GREAT


Smells like Teen Spirit

Coronvirus Related

Coronovirus Lament by Randy Rainbow

A Spoonful of Clorox by Randy Rainbow

Quantine (not quite over)


Broadway Medley Corona

My Favorite Things


Disney Medley Corona

TV Medleys

Your Quantine

Dancing in the Streen Parody

Corono Virus (Rhineston Cowboy)

American Pie Cornovirus

How do you solve a problem like corona

Christmas Medley Corona


Social Distancing Medley

Super Nasty Cataclysmic Covid-19 Virus

Lets Beat it

My Corona Home

In Quantine (Parody of Under the Sea)

Beatles Medley


Do Re Mi of Covid-19

12 days of Corona Virus

I'm being along now

Goodbye Cornona

Corno Man

Everyone must stay home

Over the Rainbow-Covid Version

I can't get no Sanitizer

The Longest Time

My Corona

We didn't start the virus

50 ways to Catch Cornona

Father and Son (talk covid)

Confounds the Science

Coronovirus Rhapsody (Parody of Bohemian Rhapsody)

Friends in Low Places

I could have shopped all night

Maskmaker Maskmaker (you can guess)

My Corono (Diff from the one above)

Covid-19 Wasn't Born in the USA

Stayin Inside

Ring of Fire- Corona version

Covid-19 By the real Neal Diamond (Sweet Caroline)

Hamilton Related

You're Not Hamilton

Google Translate Hamilton

Hamilton-Trump (dated)

Tony Award Hamiltonian Satire


2016 in review to tune of Hamiltonian

Let it go - Trump (Let it Go Parody

Spamilton Score

Hannakah Hamilton

Lin Manuel orders pizza

Cap American Version

Green Eggs and Hamilton

Star Wars

Jesus Version

Weird Al Polka Version

Dr. Who

Steven Universe

Isaac Newton

Google Translate

About Weird Al

Back to School

TV and Movie Related

Howard's song for Bernadette-TBBT

Big Bang- Mod Maj Gen

Star Wars/Sgt Pepper

Please Use This Song-Jon Lajoie

ST:SNW Staus Report


I blog alone

Bohemian Rhapsody Parody-Moms

Word Crimes-WA

Carrot Jucie Constutites Murder

Classical Rap

Milenials Musical

Gov Christie Traffic Jam (Born to Run Parody)

Fuck it all (Let it Go Parody)

Alan Sherman-Chim Chiminey Satire

Pandering-Country Music Satire

Radio Friendly Song

If a Hallmark movie was a musical

Math Songs

Ain't no twin primes

Circle Song

Lobachevsky by Tom L

New math by Tom L

The Derivative Song by Tom L

Thats Mathematics by Tom L, but sung by mathematicians

Thats Mathematics by Tom L

Bolzano Weirstrauss Rap

BW Rap with more figures

Women in Theory presents I Will Survive

I Will Derive

William Rowan Hamilton

Asympotically I'm fine

That's Mathematics (Tom L)

Bohemian Gravity

Calculus Rhapsody

I Integrate by parts

Write in C

Mandelbrot Set

Drama in the PhDSet

Mathematics Parodise (Not the Klein Four)

Mathematics Parodise Song(Klein Four)

Mathematics Parodise Lyrics (Klein Four)

I'm my own Grandpa

… Heegaard Floer-Homlogoist

Thats Combinatorics

Math songs by The Klein Four

Mathematics Parodise Song(Klein Four)

Mathematics Parodise Lyrics (Klein Four)

A Finite Simple Group of Order Two

Get Tenure


Just the Four of us

Power of One

Three Body Problem

Stefnie (The Ballad of Galois)


Bayfilk Crazies (includes RRCSSDP)

Bayfilk Crazies


House of the Clean House

Time online

Taylor Swift's You Belong to Me, real and parodies.

You Belong to Me (Taylor Swift-Real)

You Belong to Me (Nerd Version)

You Belong to TMZ (Weird Al)

Another Nerd Version

You Belong to Me- Feminist Version

You Mine with me (Minecraft)