REU Talks By students Summer 2021 (just the slides)

Transfer Fair Represenation Across Domains by Zora Che

Learning Individuall Fair Garph Neural Networks by Elly Do

Bias in Facial Recognition by George Wei, Bradon Thymes, Gudrun Thorkelsdottir, Tiye Kurtz-Miott, Ryan Downing, Femi Obiwumi, JJ Shankar, Rachel Mattson

Simulation of Low-Dept Quantum Circuits by Sangheon Choi, Suchetan Dontha, Celia Morral, Sam Tan

Tolerating Adversarial Reviews by Nithya Balaji, Clarance Lam, Joshua Turner, Emily Inkrott

The Evolution of the Gap Game by Blake Holman

Routing on a Defective Grid by Sam Decoster, Nicole Dong, Mason Whitman

Spectral Learning of Fair Representations via Constrained Latent Variable Models by George Li

Foundations of GANs: An Eight-Week Implementation Journey Students: Jasmine Lei, Sam Liang, Sophya Wu, Wester Torees

An Open Review of Open Review Part 2! by Keshav Ganapathy, Emily Liu, Zain Zarger