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A WebPage on Secret Sharing

by William Gasarch

(For now this is just papers that I want to gather in one place)


  1. Robust and computational secret sharing and a unified account of classical secret sharing goals. By Mihir Bellare and Phillip Rogaway. Robuts

  2. Secret Sharing Schemes: A Survey. By Amos Beimel. Survey

  3. Website of papers on Secret Sharing, no links

Secret Sharing with Cards

  1. Secure Dating with Four of Fewer Cards Marcdeon, Wen, and Shi Dating

Information Theoretic Secure Secret Sharing

  1. Generalzed Secret Sharing and Montone functions by Benaloh monotone.pdf

  2. Universally Ideal Secret Sharing Schemes By Beimel and Chor BCIDEAL.pdf

  3. Some Ideal Sharing Schemes by Brickell. BRICKIDEAL.pdf

  4. The Size of a share must be large by Laszlo Csirmaz. Large

  5. The Size of a share for secret sharing schemes by R.M. Capocelli and A.De Santis and Gargano and U. Vaccaro. sizeofashare

  6. On Polynomial Secret Sharing Schemes by Radune Artiom and Anant Pasking-Cherniavsky poly

  7. On the information ratio of non-perfect secret sharing schemes by Farras, Hansen, Kaced, Padro. INFO.pdf

  8. Secret Sharing Schemes for General and Uniform Access Structures by Benny Applebaume, Amos Beimel, Oriol Farras, Oded Nir, and Naty Peter. GeneralandUniform

  9. Exponetial Lower Bounds for Secret Sharing by Kasper Larsen and Mark Simkin ExpLowerBounds

  10. Constructing Ideal Secret Sharing Schemes based on Chinese Remainder theorem Yu Ning, Fyuou Miao, Wenchao Huang, Keju Meng, Yan Xiong, Xinjgu Wang. CRT

  11. Linear Secret Sharing Schemes for Forbidden Graph Access Structures by Amos Beimel, Oriol Farras, Yuval Mintz, and Naty Peter. LinearSSGraphForb

  12. Improving the linear programming technique in the search for lower bounds in secret sharing by Oriol Farras, Tarik Kaced, Sebastia Martin, and Carles Padro. LinearProg

  13. Video on this: video

Verifiable Secret Sharing

  1. Verifiable Secret Sharing and Achieving Simultaneity in the Presence of Faults by Chor, Goldwasser, Micali, Awerbuch. CHORVSS.pdf,

  2. Round-Optimal and Efficient Verifiable Secret Sharing by Fitzi, Garay, Gollakota, Rangan, Srinathan. FITZIVSS.pdf,

  3. A Practical Scheme for non-interactive verifiable secret sharing by Feldman FELDMANVSS.pdf,

  4. Verifiable secret Sharing and Multiparty Protocols with Honest Majority by Rabin and Ben-or. RABINVSS.pdf,

  5. A Secure Protocol for the Oblivous Transfer by Fisher, Micali, Rackoff. (NOTE- this uses an old definition of OT.) (NOTE- this paper does not have a Secret Sharing scheme in it; however, some of them use this paper.) FMROT.pdf,

Computationally Secure Secret Sharing

  1. Secret Sharing Made Short by Krawczyk short.pdf

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Bill Gasarch 2019-09-23