Hamed Saleh /hɑ:med sɑ:leh/

  • I'm a CS PhD Student at the University of Maryland,
    advised by Prof. Hajiaghayi.
  • hamed [at] cs.umd.edu
  • hameelas [at] gmail.com

CS @ UMD 🐢

My name is Hamed Saleh, and I am a PhD student in the CS Department at the University of Maryland. I am working under the supervision of Prof. Hajiaghayi.


I work on the algorithmic problems in distributed/parallel models, especially models with sublinear memory, for example MPC. I am interested to work on graph problems, and in general any combinatorial problem with fine-grained complexity. I also think game theoretic problems defined in economic environments are cute. I sometimes participate or get involved in competitive programming competitions as a hobby.

Contact: hamed [at] cs.umd.edu or hameelas [at] gmail.com

Streaming and Massively Parallel Algorithms for Edge Coloring [ESA'19]
(also appeared in [DISC'19] as a brief announcement)
Soheil Behnezhad, Mahsa Derakhshan, MohammadTaghi Hajiaghayi, Marina Knittel, me.
Available here, slides.

Externalities and Fairness [WWW'19]
Mohammad Ghodsi, me, Masoud Seddighin.
Pre-print available at arXiv, poster.

Massively Parallel Algorithms for String Matching with Wildcards
MohammadTaghi Hajiaghayi, me, Saeed Seddighin, Xiaorui Sun.
Pre-print available at arXiv.

Computational Analyses of the Electoral College: Campaigning is Hard But Approximately Manageable [In Progress]
Sina Dehghani, me, Saeed Seddighin, Shang-Hua Teng.

Knapsack Can be Solved in Constant MPC Rounds. What about Connectivity? [In Progress]
MohammadTaghi Hajiaghayi, me, Saeed Seddighin.


Research Visitor at Simons Institute, UC Berkeley, Fall 2018.

External Reviewer for conferences COCOON'18, ISAAC'18, and WWW'20.

Task Preparation System, tps.
with Kian Mirjalali
tps is a command-line interface for developing IOI/ICPC-like problems, with a workflow mainly inspired by Polygon. It has been used to prepare the tasks in IOI 2017, IOI 2019, and Iranian National Olympiad in Informatics. There is also a web interface counter-part implemented for tps.

IOI Site Administration System, site-admin.
with Amin Khashkhashi Moghaddam
A web-interface to monitor and manage the nodes in a programming contest hall. site-admin integrates the data of participants and physical nodes, and it allows you to perform personalized bash or python scripts on the nodes remotely, and to monitor the progress.

HelliJudge, or jux.
with Mahrud Sayrafi
A programming competition judge with focus on security. The judge runs programs in a minimal chroot "jail" environment based on Fedora to simulate secure sand-boxing in pre-docker era.