This page contains information relating to the Course 818H on tools for parallel computing offered during the Sping 1995 semester.

This seminar will investigate the state of the art in tools to assist programmers with debugging parallel programs for performance and correctness. We will also discuss several parallel programming languages including: PVM, Linda, and HPF. Topics will include: Performance Visualization, Performance Tuning Systems, Instrumentation Techniques, Performance Prediction, Parallel Debuggers, Global Breakpoint Detection, Race Detection, and Program Steering. The full reading list is available.

Some of the papers are available in Postscript. Press Here to get a listing.

The slides from some of the lectures are also available. Press here to see what is available.

Here is some information related to writing and using PVM:

  • Introduction to XPVM
  • PVM Programmers Reference Card
  • This page will be updated throughout the class.