Introduction to Modern Cryptography

Jonathan Katz and Yehuda Lindell

(Note: This page is for the first edition of the book. We are pleased to announce that the third edition of the book is now available.)

Introduction to Modern Cryptography, published in August 2007 by Chapman & Hall/CRC Press, is an introductory-level treatment of modern cryptography intended to be used as a textbook in an undergraduate- or introductory graduate-level course, for self-study, or as a reference for researchers and practitioners.

The preface, table of contents, and index of the book are available for perusal. Reviews of the book are available here, here, and here, or see also here. (Computing Reviews membership required to read the first two.)

Instructors who are considering adopting the book for their course are invited to email the authors for an examination copy. A solutions manual is available to instructors who adopt the book for their course.

A list of errata for the first edition is available; however, note that it is no longer being updated. See also here for a revision of (part of) Section 4.6.3. (This revision is incorporated into the second edition.)
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