Come as You Are: Helping Unmodified Clients Bypass Censorship with Server-Side Evasion

In this paper, we present the first purely server-side censorship evasion strategies---11 in total---enabling servers to subvert censorship on behalf of clients. We extend Geneva to automate the discovery and implementation of server-side strategies, and we apply it to four countries (China, India, Iran, and Kazakhstan) and five protocols (DNS-over-TCP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, and SMTP).

Geneva: Evolving Censorship Evasion Strategies

We present Geneva, a novel genetic algorithm that evolves packet-manipulation-based censorship evasion strategies against nation-state level censors. With experiments performed both in-lab and against several real censors (in China, India, and Kazakhstan), we demonstrate that Geneva is able to quickly and independently re-derive most strategies from prior work, and derive novel subspecies and altogether new species of packet manipulation strategies.