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I'm a CS PhD student currently enrolled in UMD.

For CMSC425 office hours, office is IRB2104. times are TuTh 11-12 am & TuTh 2-4 pm.
e-mails: for umd, kulaksor[a t] ; for other things, kulaksizoglu.onur[a t]

To be honest I don't have much to share in this page because I didn't start publishing any papers. Here is my CV on OverLeaf,
I don't regularly update my CV unless I'm applying somewhere so it might be a bit old.

My Github page. In my opinion, my most impressive programming project is an unfinished game, but one day I will finish it.

A blogpost about an improvement idea for most programming languages. I think we need a new class of functions that can give us both efficiency and easy refactoring abilities.

Personal Stuff

My foremost hobby would be games. I like playing board games a lot especially with my friends. I also play a lot of strategy games on computer. My favorite video games would be XCOM, Civ4, Age of Wonders 3, Rise of Nations, Age of Mythology, Battle for Wesnoth, and as an honorable mention Impossible Creatures.

I also like watching movies a lot (who doesn't anyway), I used to watch them a lot as well, but I can't spend too much time on them recently. Anyway here's a list of movies that I like. I think Tarkovsky is the best director of all times, but I like Akira Kurosawa more and feel closer to him. I don't like many of james cameron, quentin tarantino, and especially steven spielberg's movies.

I used to watch a lot of animes, but again I don't have much time recently (also quality seems to be getting worse in recent animes). I have a MAL account so you can see the animes I watched/rated.

I also like history and mythology, and I try to read on them whenever it's possible. I especially like history of the Late Roman Republic and Ancient Greece. I read 10+ Plutarch biographies and I think they are fantastic reads, my favorite ones are of Gracchi, Fabius Maximus, and Phocion.