Larry Herman (and his linkless webpage)

(Imagine some nice picture of Larry Herman appears here.)

(Unfortunately, no such pictures have yet been taken.)


After 20 years in 1111 A.V. Williams I have moved to 3211 A.V. Williams. Come look for me there! (See for yourself how all of my stuff fits into my new office, albeit barely.)
News flash! I am now in Iribe 1124! My many boxes and I get lots of sun there.


(301) 405-2762

Email: (current/recent students: contact me using the ELMS message system)

This is a very humble and boring webpage, as it currently contains no links. There used to be a link, but something seems to have happened to it. A search for another interesting link will hopefully be undertaken shortly.

Someone finally guessed what
   "Nuclear Man Here",
   "Menu Here Carnal", and
   "Human Crane Reel"
have in common. Can you?

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