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Accounts - CMSC 420, Fall 2000, Section 0301

Class accounts are on the OIT (Office of Information Technology) UNIX cluster system. They can be accesses via the campus network. If you have a WAM or a GLUE account, you can login to one of the WAM/GLUE workstation and telnet to one of these machines.

Please obtain your user ID and password from the instructor immediately after the first day of class.

Please read ethics policies about accout usage carefully.

First Time Login
  • Get your login ID and your password from the instructor.
  • Login to one of the Alpha machines.
  • Type q to get out of news.
  • Change your password. Type passwd, then follow the instructions.
  • Type source .login to get back to reading news (using readlocalnews).

    You should read if there are unread articles (see below) about scheduled maintenance, machine down time, and all sort of important system related information.

    You should read the class newgroup: csd.cmsc420.0301. Just do "g csd.cmsc420.0301" at the top level to read news from it.

    You might want to read news.announce.newusers if you've never use a news reader like this one.

  • Hints on using readlocalnews:

    • This news reader basically has 2 levels. At the top level, you can select a USENET newsgroup. At the next level, you can select an article in a newsgroup.

    • Some commands at the top level:
      • q : quit
      • y : read this newsgroup by reading the first unread article
      • n : go to the next newsgroup
      • = : read this newsgroup by viewing a list of unread articles
      • u : unsubscribe from this newsgroup
      • c : mark everything in this newsgroup as if you've read them
      • h : help
      • g XYZ : subscribe to the XYZ newsgroup
      • l XYZ : list unsubscribed newsgroup containing the XYZ pattern

    • Some commands at the next level:
      • q : go back to the top level and leave the current newsgroup
      • n : go to the next article
      • = : view a list of unread articles
      • u : unsubscribe from this newsgroup
      • c : mark everything in this newsgroup as if you've read them
      • h : help (at this level)
      • F : post a follow-up article back to the newsgroup
      • R : reply to the sender of the article
      • NUM : read article number NUM where NUM is a numeric value
      • /XYZ : go to the next article whose subject contains the XYZ pattern

Post News to the Class Newsgroup
To post a message to the class newsgroup, please try the following (% denotes a UNIX command prompt, underlined text is what you type, and <CR> by itself is a carriage return or <ENTER> on your keyboard):
    % Pnews

    Newsgroup(s): csd.cmsc420.0301

    Your local distribution prefixes are:
        Local organization: local
        Organization:       um
        City:               dc
        State:              md
        Country:            usa
        Continent:          na
        Everywhere:          (not "world")

    Distribution (): um

    Title/Subject: (Put a meaningful title here...)

    This program posts news to machines throughout the organization.
    Are you absolutely sure that you want to do this? [ny] y

    Prepared file to include [none]: <CR>

    A temporary file has been created for you to edit.  Be sure to leave at
    least one blank line between the header and the body of your message.
    (And until a certain bug is fixed all over the net, don't start the body of
    your message with any indentation, or it may get eaten.)

    Within the header may be fields that you don't understand.  If you don't
    understand a field (or even if you do), you can simply leave it blank, and
    it will go away when the article is posted.

    Type return to get the default editor, or type the name of your favorite

    Editor [/usr/local/bin/pico]: /usr/bin/vi
If your favorite editor is emacs, please enter /usr/local/bin/emacs above. At this point, you can edit your posting. Add your e-mail address to the Cc: line to receive a carbon copy of your posting in your e-mail. When you are done, save the file and exit your editor. Then do:
    Your article's newsgroup:
    csd.cmsc420.0301        [no description available]

    Check spelling, Send, Abort, Edit, or List? send
You messsage has just been posted! In stead of send, you can enter abort to abort or edit to get back into the editor.

Give it a try! Post a "This is a test" message to the class newsgroup!

Newsgroup Etiquette
  • Be nice and be courteous. No swearing in a class newsgroup, please! And please don't post any images in the class newsgroup.

  • Get to the point quicky!

  • If it looks like it's becoming a private conversion, just e-mail each other, and stop doing a follow-up posting.

  • Be patient. If you ask something and don't get a response in 15 minutes, don't post your question again. Also understand that people need not respond. And there can be many reasons why people don't respond.

  • Don't use a newsgroup to cheat. Using newsgroup to discuss is just like talking outside of class; you can discuss things, but you are not allowed to cheat.

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