Junbang Liang

Ph.D. student, Computer Science at University of Maryland, College Park

Currently I am working with Prof. Ming C. Lin on Computer Graphics as a research assistant. I'm interested in physically-based simulation and machine learning.

Email: liangjb at cs dot umd dot edu

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. Student, Department of Computer Science
University of Maryland, College Park, United States


Master of Science, Department of Computer Science
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, United States


Bachelor of Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Technology
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

GAN-based Garment Generation Using Sewing Pattern Images

Yu Shen, Junbang Liang, and Ming C. Lin

ECCV 2020

Scalable Differentiable Physics for Learning and Control

Yi-Ling Qiao, Junbang Liang, Vladlen Koltun, and Ming C. Lin

ICML 2020

Differentiable Cloth Simulation for Inverse Problems

Junbang Liang, Ming C. Lin and Vladlen Koltun

NeurIPS 2019

Shape-Aware Human Pose and Shape Reconstruction Using Multi-View Images

Junbang Liang and Ming C. Lin

ICCV 2019

Time-Domain Parallelization for Accelerating Cloth Simulation

Junbang Liang and Ming C. Lin

Symposium on Computer Animation, 2018

Learning-based Cloth Material Recovery from Video

Shan Yang, Junbang Liang and Ming C. Lin

International Conference on Computer Vision, 2017

Hyper-lapse from Multiple Spatially-overlapping Videos

Miao Wang, Jun-Bang Liang, Song-Hai Zhang, Shao-Ping Lu, Ariel Shamir and Shi-Min Hu

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2017

Comfort-driven Disparity Adjustment for Stereoscopic Video

Miao Wang, Xi-Jin Zhang, Jun-Bang Liang, Song-Hai Zhang and Ralph R. Martin

Computational Visual Media, 2016