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Team members: Xin Che                  xinche@wam.umd.edu    (Chief editor)

                       Gavin Chen                  gychen@wam.umd.edu

The project will introduce you to the MMX™ technology, the media extensions for Intel Architecture (IA). It will try to detail the MMX technology and explains how to use the new instruction set to improve your applications' performance.

All the readers, after reading the project, will:

  1. Understand how the MMX instructions enhance application performance.
  2. Get a basic understanding with the MMX technology's software model - data types, registers, and instructions.
  3. Understand the MMX instructions' syntax and operations
  4. Have a good overview of the future of the MMX technology.

The project will have four different sections. "Project Overview" is the first one, which will look at MMX technology from a historical viewpoint, and give readers a basic understanding of the development history of MMX technology.

The second section is "Why MMX". This section will try to compare the old IA instruction set architecture with the new MMX instruction set architecture in terms of syntax, operation, data types, etc. The difference between the CPU's which doesn't use MMX technology and those empowered by MMX technology in performance and in the hardware level will also be addressed.

The third section is "MMX in-depth", in this section more detailed information will be presented. The new instruction set that was brought with the new MMX technology and the new MMX hardware will all be addressed and discussed in glorious details.

The fourth section is going to be the "Future Development", the section will try to bring an overview of MMX's future development, as well as what kind of obstacles that MMX will face, a set of useful topic-related material will be presented.

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