The Quickstart Info Guide to
Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP)
a cmsc411 project


In this project, we are trying to focus on the design and implementation of the Accelerated Graphics Port bus, basically how it is wired in relation to the PC and the graphics controller that is attached upon it, with maybe a little background on the development of the bus.  Also, similarities and differences between AGP and PCI will be addressed, including performance issues.
Hopefully by the end of our tutorial, the reader will know more about how the idea of AGP was first conceived, how it is integrated in the latest PC systems and how it improves graphic performance.  The reader will understand the benefits of using AGP.  Students will gain a better understanding of the usage of concepts learned in class applied to the computer industry today, including data path, RAM, bandwidth, latency, Buses, benchmarks, and pipelining.
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