Instructions for Resetting Grace Environment

You need to reset your grace environment if, unfortunately, you are repeating this course. To start the resetting process, execute the following script in your grace account:


The script will reset your dotfiles, like .path, .cshrc.mine, etc., to new unchanged versions. Previous files will be renamed (e.g., .aliases file as .aliases-23-05-27).

After running the above script, verify whether you have a 216 and/or a 216public folder in your grace home directory. If that is the case, remove them. Before removing the 216 folder, you may want to copy the 216 folder (e.g., cp -r 216 old216) in case you would like to preserve any previous work. To remove the 216 and 216public folders execute rm -f -r 216 216public

At this point you are ready to run the setup command provided by your instructor.

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