Why I use Slithy for presentations. Doug Zongker wrote this fine presentation code and it's exactly what I needed.

Why Scriptroute uses Ruby. Ruby is a well-designed scripting language that makes programming fun and productive.

Linux through Dummynet to the Outside World. A note on how I configured dummynet to access the outside world in Receiver Based Management of Low Bandwidth Access Links. Few pages on dummynet exist.

Some songs you might find amusing. More to be found at the CSE Band page.

Educational Materials to Assist in Instructruction of Information Hiding Basics
Vibha Sazawal, Ken Yasuhara, and Neil Spring
Best Presentation Award winner, PoCSi 2002.
Educational Materials to Assist in Motivating Functional Programming
Ken Yasuhara, Neil Spring, Jeff Hightower, and Vibha Sazawal
PoCSci 2003. (pocsci is a UW CSE joke conference)